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The only security estate in the Western Cape where you can own a hectare plot (10 000m2)

A ten minute drive from Somerset West, at the foot of the historic old Gantouw Pass and held in the timeless embrace of the majestic Hottentots’ Holland Mountains, lies the magnificent High Riding Country Estate, a well hidden gem. Close on 100 hectares in extent and surrounded by a high security electric fence, it is an equestrian estate, with a bridle path running round the perimeter and others criss-crossing between the 87 one-hectare plots owned by the members of the Home Owners’ Association. Not all estate dwellers keep horses, but all enjoy seeing them being ridden by.

The heart of the estate is a wetland which runs across it in a westerly direction and spills from a picturesque dam fed by a mountain stream. The soft montane rain clouds which drift down periodically from the surrounding mountains nurture the indigenous flora and fauna on the estate. Various types of fynbos and other beautiful wild flowers grow in profusion. There is abundant bird life and small buck, tortoises, hares and porcupines are regularly sighted.

All plots enjoy stunning mountain views and some look down onto False Bay and across to the Cape Peninsula.

“The sunsets are spectacular!”


There is a network of roads in the estate, the main one being surfaced with carbon-core. The entrance, off Old Sir Lowry’s Pass Road, is manned day and night and is equipped with the latest access control technology.


The estate also has fibre optic internet lines to all the plots. Residents are provided with first world internet, with packages up to 100Mb/s. We are one of the first estates in the country to have fibre optic telecommunications installed.


The estate is a nature lover’s paradise and a safe haven for families, within easy reach of good shopping, schooling, medical and other amenities.

About ten of the plots are still vacant. The others all contain well established homes and gardens. Several owners engage in small-scale farming, for their own consumption and, in some instances, they take their produce to market. Proteas, lavender, vineyards, olive and fruit orchards, herbs and vegetables are grown, bee hives deliver honey and poultry is raised.

There is a municipal reservoir on the estate, from which water is supplied to plots on the estate, to a few adjoining small-holdings and to the adjacent Sir Lowry’s Pass Village. Many owners have boreholes which yield sufficient water for all their irrigation requirements and some even pipe this water into their homes and swimming pools, rather than using municipal water. Electricity is provided by Eskom.


Helderberg Crime Watch: +27 21 852 3118
Neighbourhood Watch: +27 21 840 0009
Vetus Schola: +27 21 852 9009
Fire Brigade Strand: +27 21 853 1179
Fire Omnipage: +27 21 852 3318
Ambulance: 10177
Vergelegen MediClinic: +27 21 850 9000
24 Hour Emergency Centre: +27 21 850 9087 or +27 21 850 9088

Police Somerset West: +27 21 850 1303
Police Sir Lowry`s Pass: +27 21 858 1710
Snake Catcher – Ryan: +27 72 456 2194
Snake Catcher – Alberts: +27 82 681 4285
Snake Catcher – Emile: +27 72 359 8629
Eskom Fault Reporting: +27 86 003 7566 (08600 ESKOM)
Burst Water Pipe Council: +27 21 850 4340 (Office Hours)

To help us keep track of security incidents, please fill in the Incident reporting form for any of the following incidents

Suspicious Person
Suspicious Vehicle
Robbery / Mugging
Home Invasion